Lubro Control Units Overview

Norbar’s standard filter, regulator, lubricator unit 16074 features a calibrated 100mm diameter gauge for easy and accurate setting of air pressure with ergonomic placement of air pressure adjustment control. It is supplied with 3 meters of robust, steel braided air hose with fittings to connect to PneuTorque® wrenches.

16075 – Twin Regulator Lubro Control Unit

The ‘Twin Lubro’ has the same features as Norbar’s standard filter, regulator, lubricator unit but has the bene t of two regulators and a switch that allows quick selection between two air pressure settings. A typical application for this would be a PneuTorque® user wishing to quickly select between two applications requiring different torque settings. For example, this might be controlled torque in the forward direction and maximum torque allowed by the tool in the reverse direction.

60290 – Multi Channel Lubro

The Multi Channel Lubro is for users who wish to run their pneumatic tools at multiple air pressure settings, without having to make time consuming adjustments to an air regulator. The Multi Channel Lubro can be programmed for up to 15 air pressure settings and these settings can be locked by the removal of the programming key.

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SKU Description
16074 Lubro Control Unit F/W 3m hose
16075 Twin Lubro Control Unit
60290 Multi Channel Lubro

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